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Welcome To Auleda

Auleda is a non-profit non governmental organization established in August 2003 in Vlora, Albania, as part of the international network of Local Economic Development Agencies sponsored by ILSLEDA. It is an independent body, with its own legal structure and functional autonomy, based on a public-private partnership.AULEDA mission is to sustain the social, economic, cultural and environmental development of Vlora region, reinforcing and integrating its own resources according to the principles of human development. Specifically, AULEDA contributes to establishing and strengthening local and regional Strategic Planning in Vlora area, and provides support to institutions and civil society in their commitment to comprehensive local development. AULEDA innovative characteristic is its approach to territorial development. Indeed, it is the first Albanian organization dedicated to enhancing the involvement of regional public and private stakeholders in the process of regional development, therefore constituting an example of good practices and defining a reproducible model of regional management. AULEDA not only realizes feasibility studies for development initiatives and helps in defining the territorial strategic planning, but also supports the development of local people's capacities and skills in territorial management and the application of participatory methods in regional development decisions... ...

Executive Director : Mirela Koci

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Giz Forums
5 October 2015

    Forumi i trete me komunitetin, ne kuader te hartimit te Planit te Integruar te Zhvillimit te Turizmit ne Bregdetin e Jugut, organizuar nga GIZ dhe Auleda ne fshatin Kuc. Tema e diskutimit: Promovimi i resurseve turistike dhe strukturat pritese B&B (Bed and Breakfast)

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Fuqizimi ekonomik i grave
3 October 2015

    Ne kuader te aktiviteteve te projektit te Mbeshtetjes dhe Fuqizimit Ekonomik te Grave ne Zonat Rurale mbeshtetur nga UNDP me fonde te Qeverise Suedeze u zhvillua turi i shkembimit te eksperiences ne qytetin e Krujes. Grupi I punes pa nga afer sesi eshte e organizuar puna ne pazarin e Krujes dhe sesi vleresohet kjo pune nga bleresit. Ata u njohen me menyren e punes, me veshtiresite por edhe me menyren e promovimit. Grate ishin shume entuziaste per kete vizite dhe mesuan shume nga puna e grave ne Kruje.

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Kepass Project
1 October 2015

    Agjencia e Zhvillimit Ekonomik Lokal AULEDA ne kuader te projektit KEPASS do te organizoje per tre dite resht viziten e nje delegacioni slloven te perbere nga perfaqesues te Ministrise, Institutit Kombetar te edukimit, drejtues dhe mesues shkollash ne Shkollat Ali Demi, Intarnacional dhe Antoni AThanas Sarande.

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Expo Milano
21 September 2015

    Today is the first day of the workshop of the LEDA - Local Economic Development Agencies! ‪#‎expo‬ ‪#‎ExpoMilano2015‬ ‪#‎Expo2015Milano‬ ‪#‎expo2015‬

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September 2015, Giz

    The second forum with community in the framework of the preparation of the Integrated Development Plan for Tourism in South Coast, organized by GIZ and Auleda. Pilur. A festival of ideas, culture, tradition, typical products. Today's topic of discussion: Promotion of tourism resources

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