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Welcome To Auleda

Executive Director : Mirela Koci

Auleda is a non-profit non governmental organization established in August 2003 in Vlora, Albania, as part of the international network of Local Economic Development Agencies sponsored by ILSLEDA. It is an independent body, with its own legal structure and functional autonomy, based on a public-private partnership.AULEDA mission is to sustain the social, economic, cultural and environmental development of Vlora region, reinforcing and integrating its own resources according to the principles of human development. Specifically, AULEDA contributes to establishing and strengthening local and regional Strategic Planning in Vlora area, and provides support to institutions and civil society in their commitment to comprehensive local development. AULEDA innovative characteristic is its approach to territorial development. Indeed, it is the first Albanian organization dedicated to enhancing the involvement of regional public and private stakeholders in the process of regional development, therefore constituting an example of good practices and defining a reproducible model of regional management... ...

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Smart Inno Platform

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IPA Cross Border

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United National Development Program

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IPA Adriatic

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Latest News

Cross Border Shqiperi - Greqi
25 February 2016

    Ne panairin e Programit Cross Border Shqiperi - Greqi, duke prezantuar projektet SSMNatuRe dhe Craft In, Ministres se Integrimit Znj. Klajda Gjosha, Ambasadorit grek ne Shqiperi Z Leonidas Rokanas, Z Jan Rudolf, shef i seksionit te politikes se jashtme te Delegacionit Evropian, Znj. Marzia Dalla Vedova, Manaxhere e Programit Delegacioni Evropian.

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Smart Inno Project
17 February 2016

    SMART INNO project, IPA Adriatic. Duke referuar ne emer te Auleda-s dhe ne emer te te gjithe partnereve ne Konferencen Rajonale" Le imprese creative a dialogo con 8 paesi" ne Sallen e Afreskeve, Universiteti " Aldo Moro" Bari.

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5 February 2016

    U zhvillua sot ne ambientet e Hotel International Vlora Workshopi Internacional ne kuader te zbatimit te projektit Crafts In Action. Programi nderkufitar IPA Shqiperi-Greqi 2007-2013 . Nderuan aktivitetin me prezencen e tyre perfaqesues nga ,Bashkia Vlore, Keshilli I Qarkut Vlore ,Bashkia Dropull, Bashkia Delvine ,Zyra Euro Konsulence Gjirokaster dhe artizane te rajoneve perkatese perfshire ne projekt.

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