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Final Event Kepass

Local Economic Development Agency AULEDA under the project KEPASS will organize a three day stop visit of a Slovene delegation composed of representatives of the Ministry, National Institute of Education, directors and school teachers of schools Ali Demi Vlore, Intarnacional Vlore and Antoni Athanas Sarande. The purpose of the meetings is to create consolidated partnerships within the KEPASS project in bilateral mobility programs for the period 1-3 months of high school students respectively from Vlora, Saranda, Portoroz, Piran, Isola.

The visit of the Slovenian delegation, the School Ali Demi, an opportunity for bilateral cooperation between Slovenian schools and gymnasium Ali Demi.

KEPASS final event, honored with their participation the Mayor of Vlore Municipality and a delegation of Slovenian partners.

At the closing ceremony of the project KEPASS, funded by the European Community in the framework of IPA Adriatic were are participating 51 schools in the Adriatic region from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and two schools from the city of Vlora, "Ali Demi" and “Internacional ". This project is implemented by the Local Economic Development Agency AULEDA, in cooperation with the Regional Directorate of Education and the Ministry of Education and Sports, aims to lay the foundations towards a unique program educational and towards the methodology of evaluation of students based not just on votes, but to competences. We would like that the result of this initiative for years to come, to be these children who are here today participating in the KEPASS project, with the desire and passion to learn and create international education experience, to take the place of teachers and transmit knowledge and culture as a going concern. I believe that this initiative does not end with the end of the project, but will continue so that generations to come will have the same cooperation and the same desire to build a common future. Only things that begin with good intentions and are valid for several years, creating a tradition that will continue to create a work that has real value. At the project's closing ceremony attended the members of a delegation from Slovenia, Ministry of Education, National Education Institute Slovenia, the youngsters from schools "Ali Demi" and "International".