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News: 17 November, 2018

Mandarin fest On November 17th, in Mursi_Konispol, was organized the first Mandarin Fest: with the local producers', Konispol folk songs, traditional dishes of the area and traditional costumes! The citrus sector is one of four sectors selected to be supported on capacity building and marketing in the framework of FOCUS project, MED Balkan Program.

News: 14-15 November, 2018

On 14-15 November, a meeting of partners from Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Albania was held in Vlora for the INTERREG Balkan Focus Program. The goal of the project is to create transnational clusters in four sectors: milk processing, olive oil production, wine production, vegetables and fruit trees (citrus fruits, pomegranates), through the design of SMEs, scientific research centers, representative organizations business and agroindustry, civil society. In this meeting were presented good practices by the guests, Mr. Agim Rapaj for the role of Agribusiness Councils in Albania for Sector Development, Mr. Gramos Osmani- RISI Albania Program with the introduction of Global Certification - GAP, which enables SMEs in the sector to export, Mr. Alban Zusi - The agri-food industry association that brought the model of a successful cluster to advocating producers' rights, Ms. Aulona Veizi brought the experience of the Agricultural Technology Transfer Center in providing support services to SMEs. International partners visited the Agricultural Transfer Center, Invitro Laboratory, AULONA Olive Oil Business in Cerkovine. The olive oil tasting process and the olive paste testing produced by Ms. Gjinovefa Lazaj gave added value to this international activity.

News: 10-11 November, 2018

On November 10-11, a meeting of Trans-Ed-Net project partners - Transnational Education Network was held in Thessaloniki, Greece for young people in the field of tourism, where Auleda-Local Economic Development Agency is the official partner and the Regional Training Directorate associate. In this meeting was presented the Transnational Strategy on Vocational Education in the Field of Tourism, the Roadmap for Vocational Education, the common curricula in the field of tourism: sustainable tourism, transnational tourism, ICT in tourism and related industries, friendly tourism with the environment, these products are methodologically designed by Auleda and prepared in cooperation with partners from the Tourist Guide Organization - Sofie, Bulgaria, Aristotelis University in Thessaloniki and Municipality of Kicevo in the Republic of Macedonia. The project was presented by all partners with a participation in the Philosophy of Work and Industry Fair in Thessaloniki.

News: 6 November, 2018

Public presentation of the Project SHIPMENTT, a project being implemented by Auleda- Local Economic Development Agency of Vlora within the framework of the EC funded ADRIJON Program. The project focuses on the creation of an international network in the field of maritime transport in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. Identification of trends and megatrends in the field of shipping for logistics, security, innovation and technology, environment and environmental management, SWOT analysis for the Albanian maritime transport system, stakeholder database at political, intermediate, scientific and technological level, clusters and SMEs operating in the maritime sector were the activities that were shared with the participants in the event organized under the PASSAGE Project - Interreg Europe Program.

News: 2 November, 2018

"Social entrepreneurship and Green Economy in Albania", International Conference organized by UN Women Albania. In this conference were discussed the legal context for Social Enterprenuers, the Circulating Economy, the Green Economy, Social Enterprenuership Models in Spain, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania. Albania's experience was presented to the Social Enterprenuers created by Auleda Agency, respectively: "Oriku" Enterprise for the production of olive-based and olive oil cosmetic products, Entrepreneurship of women's production of rugs in the Vlora River, Social Entrepreneurship of mental health patients for the production of flowers, Social Entrepreneurs of Rome and Egyptian youth in Vlora and Berat. The challenge, is the registration of Social Enterprises under the new law. The IDEA project aims to create an Investment Fund for Social Entrepreneurship with well-defined criteria guides, creating hybrid financial models, funding tools and a strategy for attracting investors. The core approach will be the recording, capture, evaluation of supply and the demand for social investments is envisaged, by conducting field research and also specialized Focus Groups.

News: 12-13 October, 2018

Auleda enabled the promotion of 12 local businesses at the fair "SHQIPERIA PUNON TOKEN" on the "Mother Teresa" square on 12 and 13 October 2018. Second edition of the largest fair of agriculture, livestock and agro-processing. In this edition participated 659 farmers from all over Albania, 70 food enterprises and 39 municipalities. The 23400 m2 exhibition space in the heart of Tirana turned into the largest exhibiting arena of Albanian product, tradition, music and culinary art. The district of Vlora was introduced with 50 businesses in the sectors: Olive oil, honey, medicinal herbs, dairy, handicrafts, wine, woodwork, costume design, music and art.

News: 10 October, 2018

AULEDA - The Local Economic Development Agency, Vlore, organized the closing conference of the project: Monitoring and Improving the Provision of Environmental Services through 'Training Observed Techniques' part of the SENiOR II Program - Support to Civil Society Organizations in Albania, which is implemented by the Regional Environmental Center (REC) Albania and is funded by the Swedish Government.

News: 8 October, 2018

Second project meeting of INTERREG ADRION SHIPMENT project (Strengthening Intellectual Property and technology transfer processes in green sea mobility sectors), a project designed to: Improve the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity of the Maritime SMEs in the ADRION area; Develop links and synergies among enterprises, research institutions and academia and business support organizations; Support networking, clusters and incubators; in the field of blue technologies and green see mobility.

News: 29 September, 2018

Auleda, attended the Conference organized by DRTK Vlora for the promotion of Cultural Heritage and Materials. This conference was in the framework of September 29 "National Day of Cultural Heritage". Of great interest was the presentation of Vlora County Artistic Masters and the projects implemented and implemented by DRKK Vlora for the return of archaeological and cultural monuments accessible to all visitors. These initiatives are in full synergy with the INCLUST project being implemented by the Local Economic Development Agency Auleda in the framework of the IPA CBC Greece-Albania Program.

News: 26 September, 2018

AULEDA - Local Economic Development Agency, Vlore held the premises of the Regional Youth Center in Vlora, Public Hearing with representatives of the Municipality, Municipal Council, County Council, civil society, local actors and community from the monitored areas within the Project: Improving the Provision of Environmental Services through New Technique with Trained Observers ", #Senior II Albania Program, implemented by the Regional Environmental Center REC Albania, under the financial support of the Swedish Government Embassy of Sweden in Tirana.

News: 5 September, 2018

At IKU offices, a network meeting for environmental services was held ' following the work on the implementation of the project: Improving the delivery of environmental services through "Training Observers Techniques" within the framework of the Senior Albania program, implemented by the Regional Environmental Center REC Albania, under the financial support of the Swedish Government Embassy of Sweden in Tirana .

News: 16 July, 2018

AULEDA - Local Economic Development Agency, Vlore, together with the Trained Observers group were part of the Study Visit, which took place on July 16, 2018 in Kruja with the Environmental Services Network organizations within the SENIOR II Albania #SeniorAlbania program implemented by the Center Regional Environmental REC Albania with the financial support of the Swedish Government Embassy of Sweden in Tirana.

News: 20-21 June, 2018

Ne kuader te projektit Focus: Strengthening competitiveness of agri-food SMEs through transnational Clusters, te programit Med Ballkan; Agjensia e zhvillimit ekonomik local “Auleda” realizoi vizitat ne terren, ne Vlore, te prodhuesve local te perzgjedhur. Keto SME te perzgjedhura u ftuan per t’ u bere pjese e Clusterit Ballkanik Mesdhetar per Agro-kulturen dhe Agroindustrine se bashku me 60 SME qe operojne ne keto sektore ne Greqi, Bullgari dhe Qipron Veriore. Per Cluster-in e krijuar do te ndertohet nje platforme promovuese dhe nderlidhese.

News: 18 June, 2018

TECH SUMMIT - Bratislava, Slovakia, Executive Director of Auleda Dr. Mirela KOCI participated in the discussion panel at the SMART CITIES session. Smart INNO and SSMNature project implemented by Auleda, good practices identified to be promoted at European level. Promotional opportunities for over 30 innovative Start-ups in Europe.

News: 14 May, 2018

Projekti Focus-Med Ballkan Program – Panair me Bizneset SME U zhvillua sot, më 14 maj 2018, pranë sheshit ‘Tre Racat’, Vlorë, panairi me bizneset lokale, në kuadër të Projekti Focus-Med Ballkan Program. AULEDA - Agjencia e Zhvillimit Ekonomik Lokal të Rajonit të Vlorës, mundësoi përfshirjen e bizneseve që operojnë në fushën e agroindustrisë. Të pranishëm në këtë event ishin : prodhuesit e vajit të ullirit, prodhuesit e verës, prodhueset e pastës së ullirit, prodhueset e sapunit me vaj ullirit, prodhuesit e frutave, përfaqësuesit e Qendres se Transferit te Teknologjive Bujqesore Vlore dhe Bashkia Vlore. Eventi u gërshetua me muzikën folk të AULONA FOLK 2018.

News: 9 May, 2018

Projekti Focus- Interreg Med Balkan, prodhim miqesor me mjedisin, prodhim organik, inovacion agroindustrial, eko- teknologji, energji te rinovueshme ne procesin e prodhimit, klaster nderkombetar ne sektorin e agrokultures dhe agroindustrise, jane fjalet kyce te projektit. Institucionet publike ne nivel qendror dhe lokal, institucionet lokale te agrokultures dhe agroindustrise, qendrat e kerkimit shkencor, universitetet, dhomat e tregtise, NGO- te qe operojne ne sektor, SME- te dhe kooperativat jane ftuar per t’ u bere pjese e Clusterit Ballkanik Mesdhetar per Agro-kulturen dhe Agroindustrine.

News: 3 May, 2018

Sot me Konsullen e Pergjitheshme te Italise ne Vlore, Znj. Luana Micheli ne ambientet e Shkolles Speciale PLM per te dhuruar 9 derasa didaktike, kontribut personal i Konsulles si dhe nje sasi mjetesh didaktike, dhurate dhe kontribut i Auleda-s, Agjencise se Zhvillimit Ekonomik Lokal, Qendres Rinore, Protect Me Albania, Laborator “ Caravelli”, Banka Intesa San Paolo, Love Italy, stafit te perkushtuar te konsullates ne Vlore, si dhe disa zonjave te nderuara italiane qe jetojne ne Vlore. Bashkepunim per te vleresuar punen e palodhur te mesuesve dhe edukatoreve te kesaj shkolle dhe per t”i dhene shprese dhe besim nxenesve .

News: 27 April, 2018

2-nd Partners Meeting Trans-Edu-Net Project- "Transnational Educational Network for young people - new technologies and entrepreneurial thinking in the tourism industry." INTERREG BALKAN MEDITERRANEAN 2014-2020.

News: 22 Prill, 2018

Sot, sëbashku me Administraten e Zonave të Mbrojtura Vlorë festuam Ditën Ndërkombëtare të Tokës me një sërë aktivitetesh me nxënësit e shkollës 9 vjeçare Pilo Prifti, Novoselë në Peizazhin e Mbrojtur Vjosë Nartë. Filluam me vëzhgimin e shpendëve ujorë në Lagunën e Nartës për të vazhduar më tej me mbjelljen e fidanëve të pishës në Hidrovor!