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Economic Empowerment of Women in Novosel Area

Project Summary

The project will tackle the issues of i) valorization of local resources along with ii) women’s involvement in economic activities. It will aim to foster the iii) cooperation among the women’s groups, local authorities and local businesses in Vlora region (PPP). The project will focus on the organizational capacities of the group and will ensure that the best practices of artisan production of various articles from the olive tree from other countries (especially of the neighboring countries Italy and Greece) are shared and entrenched by the women group. Vlora region has a history in growing olive trees and using the fruit not only for oil but for other products so the initiative did not come out in an empty ground. Trying to catch up with the fast development of market demand some local businesses have made certain steps in diversifying their main production of olive and the women group AULEDA and the consultant met and discussed find it appealing to make start the processing as a profitable initiative. The local B&B businesses, hotels and restaurants of Vlore region have an increasing interest in local ingredients and recipes as one of the main attraction for visitors and tourists, so the initiative will fill this gap in a learning process for many actors of the value chain:
1) The offer (in the form of service and product providers at the local market) will have the chance to present a variety of olive production;
2) Buyers will benefit from local natural products and will support the local economy.
3) Women of this group will learn new skills and expand their business opportunities,
AULEDA has a good experience in supporting such activities from previous work with olive oil processors by accompanying their product from the field to the international markets. This expertise will add value to the products, as its marketing will be a challenge in the initial steps. AULEDA has implemented projects on increasing the olive groves in several Communes and Municipalities like in Orikum, Selenica, Radhima, Novosela, etc. thus has the necessary knowledge to orient the women group in establishing the first business links with olive farmers. Product promotion activities are another field of expertise that AULEDA has gained in the last 8 years with events organized locally and internationally. Women’s groups will benefit from the experience and network AULEDA will share with them re the marketing of local products with a strong social impact.
The women group will gain skills in group organization, production and marketing the new assortments of olive tree products. Under the close supervision of a technologist, women will produce olive pâté, and other products like soaps and candles with residues from olive oil production.
The project will create opportunities for innovative olives products, add value to local production, strengthen the connection between the hospitability industry and local producers and create a potential for businesses to invest and expand this initiative.

Economic Empowerment of Women

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